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Billy Andrews is the brother of Prissy Andrews and Jane Andrews who bullies Anne Shirley Cuthbert and others at school. He is a secondary character in Anne, and is portrayed by Christian Martyn.

Appearance and Personality

Billy exhibits many narcissistic, sadistic and predatory tendencies, which he displays through his insidious actions against Anne Shirley Cuthbert, Cole Mackenzie and other classmates. He also often mocked Gilbert Blythe for his friendship with Anne, and displayed unfriendly behavior after Gilbert's father dies. He's also prone to lying, as after breaking Cole's wrist, the schoolhouse window, and the writing group's clubhouse he neglects to take responsibility. He's seemingly very fond of his sister Prissy, and cared about her reputation to the extent of blaming Anne of spreading rumors about Prissy's alleged affair with the school teacher.

During his later teens, he exhibits psychologically abusive and sexually predatory behavior when he sexually assaults a classmate, and later spreads lies around the town that the individual in question was the initiator of the incident.

Billy has blond hair, a brutish face, and a stocky frame, however, he is the shortest among his male peers at school.


While Billy Andrews is one of the main antagonists in the series, and the school bully of Anne, he did show some decency, as when he decided not to shoot Anne's fox even after threatening to make it his 'new hat.' Billy Andrews is the sister to Priscilla and Jane Andrews. He is shown to be misogynistic, rude, and has bully-like behavior which causes most of his classmates not to like him.

After assaulting Josie Pye, who he had taken an interest to, Billy refused to take any responsibility for his nasty actions and instead called Josie a 'baby' when she walked away from him at the scene. Even though Billy said he could 'fix this' when throwing stones to Josie's window at night to get her attention, Josie didn't want anything to do with him, which ended their relationship.

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While Cole was painting the set for the Christmas play, Billy staged an "accident," which led to Cole falling off the ladder he was on and breaking his wrist.

Billy is responsible for the destruction of Anne's clubhouse and Cole's sculptures that were positioned around it. In retaliation, Cole ran to the schoolhouse and fought him, which ended with Billy getting his ear burnt on the stove.

Billy has a romantic relationship with Josie-Pye which ends after he sexually assaults her and slut shames her to the whole town.


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