But What Is So Headstrong as Youth? is the third episode of the first season of Anne, originally aired on CBC on April 2, 2017.

Plot synopsis

Anne is excited to begin school and make friends, but is unprepared for the bullying that occurs when she doesn't fit in. Marilla too, is testing new waters as she accepts an invitation to join a "Progressive Mothers" group.




  • Jacob Horsley as Charlie Sloane
  • Jacob Ursomarzo as Moody Spurgeon
  • Ella Jonas Farlinger as Prissy Andrews
  • Stephen Tracey as Mr. Phillips
  • Janet Porter as Mrs. Andrews
  • Sarah Wilson as Mrs. Bell
  • Krystina Bojanowski as Mrs. Morrison
  • Ashley Magwood as Mrs. MacPherson
  • Rachel Cairns as Mrs. Phelan
  • Chick Roberts as Old Teacher
  • Kyle Meagher as Billy's Pal 1
  • Daimen Landori-Hoffman as Billy's Pal 2


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