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Cole Mackenzie [1] is a main character in the second season of Anne. He is portrayed by Cory Grüter-Andrew.

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Cole Mackenzie is a budding artist who is constantly harassed at school by Billy Andrews and even worse, by their teacher Mr. Phillips. Cole would like nothing better than to be left alone to draw, but the once-abused Anne recognizes that loneliness and befriends him. [2]

Appearance and Personality

Cole is a young boy discovering himself and his place in the world. Talented budding artist, Cole has a bright mind and a keen imagination. On the flip side of the coin, Cole suffers in solitude his own diversity, wishing to be anonymous and normal, much to Anne's displeasure, since she considers Cole unique and special, considering him a kindred spirit.

Despite being of a peaceful and solitary nature, Cole susceptible to fits of anger, triggered by the much suffered harassment by schoolmates and, in particular, of the teacher, Mr. Phillips. Cole's loneliness makes him a skilled observer of reality. This quality is useful both in understanding people at a first glance, as well as in outlining realistic portraits on paper.

Cole is a thin and slender boy, but he is the tallest of his classmates. He has reddish blond hair, a pale complexion and blue eyes. He wears simple clothes, indicating a more rustic upbringing when compared to other schoolmates coming from wealthier families.


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Cole suffers a broken wrist after being pushed off a ladder by Billy Andrews. After the cast comes off, Cole cannot paint and draw as well as he used to, which causes him a lot of inner pain.

Mr. Phillips is especially cruel to Cole. They share a moment where it is expected for them to kiss. Cole realizes that his teacher is mean to him because he won't punish himself, and thinks that Mr. Phillips is gay.

After Billy Andrews destroys the clubhouse and all of his sculptures, Cole runs to the schoolhouse and attacks him. This ends with Billy getting his ear burnt on the stove. Cole flees and runs to the seaside cliffs. Anne follows him and he tells her that he doesn't feel like he fits in anywhere.

Cole reveals to Josephine Barry that he's gay and he stays behind to live with her in Charlottesville so that he can find somewhere where he belongs.


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  • Walley-Beckett explained why she wanted to include a queer person who is one of Anne’s peers.

“It would only make sense that there would be somebody in the class who was struggling with identity,” she said. “It was just unimaginably difficult to do so especially during that timeframe where it was illegal to be a homosexual, punishable by imprisonment and a death sentence – and punishable in Canada until 1969. I was very keen to include a storyline like that.” [2]