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Diana Barry is one of the main characters of Anne. She is Anne's best friend, and she is portrayed by Dalila Bela.

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Anne’s loyal friend and kindred spirit. Diana is the perfect match for Anne; she’s a sensible, grounded girl who balances out Anne’s flights of fancy. She is played by Dalila Bela. [3]

Appearance and Personality

Diana Barry is a friendly and sweet girl. Since she grew up in a good family, Diana is very polite and well versed in social etiquette. She is loyal and diplomatic, as can be seen when she keeps confronting her own friends and schoolmates whenever they're mean to Anne. Diana is more down to earth than Anne but has a great appreciation for her best friend's imagination, and never fail to compliment Anne on it. However, Mrs. Barry's dislike of Anne due to her origins caused Diana to not sit with her during the harvest picnic among other obstacles to their friendship.

Diana has long, black hair that she often leaves down and embellishes with ribbons. Diana has brown dark eyes, and a warm smile. She is also fluent in French.


Diana is first seen in Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny, in which she meets Anne for the first time at her mother's tea party; which the Cuthberts were invited to. Anne is quiet at first, as she was instructed to be by Marilla, but she soon loosens up around Diana; whom is polite and accepting of Anne the orphan. Diana is impressed by Anne's large imagination and extensive vocabulary, having known words Diana hadn't known of before. They quickly become friends or as Anne calls it: kindred spirits, they frequently accompany each other to school.

Despite her and Anne's friendship, Eliza Barry; Diana's mother, is very strict about who she consorts with. When Anne and Diana mistakenly drink current wine and are inebriated, Eliza forbids them from seeing each other and declares Anne a 'bad influence' on her daughter.

One evening, Diana rushes to Green Gables calling for help. Diana's younger sister Minnie May had caught a case of croup, which was impeding on her ability to breathe. Luckily, Anne had experience in treating croup from the orphanage, so she headed to the Barry Estate with Diana to help Minnie May. When they arrive at the Barry's, Minnie May is in bad shape and nearly suffocates, but fortunately Anne saves her by rolling her on her belly, drooping her by her legs over the kitchen table, allowing her to expel the mucus obstructing her airway. When Eliza Barry hears about Anne's heroic deed, she permits Anne and Diana to see each other once more. They become best bosom friends again and resume walking to school together.


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  • Anne and Diana vowed to be friends forever and to never forget each other.
  • Mrs. Eliza Barry wanted Diana and Minnie May to go to finishing school in France. Diana has learned French and taken piano lessons in order to become a proper young lady.
  • During playtime, Diana often assumes the role of “Prince Wisteria”.
  • Her signature color is Blue.
  • She has the same initials for her first and last name as the actress that played her Dalilia Bela. Both Diana and Dalilia initials are "D.B." for their first and last name.


  1. Diana mentions the year 1303 and a peace treaty with Scotland. That would mean that the "Pembroke" she mentions is, historically, Aymer de Valence, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (his father died 7 yearS prior to 1303 in 1296.) According to history, Aymer had no legitimate children, so "Lady Charlotte" and her husband, the Earl of Canterbury, are both fictional characters.
  2. According to history Aymer's first marriage, before 1295, was to Beatrice, daughter of Raoul de Clermont, Lord of Nesle in Picardy and Constable of France. Beatrice died in 1320, and in 1321 he married Marie de St Pol, daughter of Guy de Châtillon, Count of St Pol and Butler of France. As a year of birth for Charlotte is not specified, either of these could be Diana's ancestor, hence why no name is specified for the Countess.
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