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Mrs Eliza Barry is the mother of Diana Barry and Minnie May Barry and the wife of William Barry. She is a recurring character in Anne and is portrayed by Helen Johns.

Appearance and Personality

Eliza is a prim, stern, and critical woman. Born and raised into a wealthy English family, she acts the part of a traditional housewife to William Barry, hoping that one day that her daughters will find husbands of their own. Eliza is very strict with her daughters, but mostly to Diana, as she is nearing womanhood and Eliza wishes to see her attend finishing school. Both Diana and Minnie May are occasionally seen with their mother practicing etiquette. When Diana befriends an orphan girl, Anne, Eliza is disapproving due to her origins, she wishes that Diana associate with girls of respectable roots. This comes to a head when she discovers the two girls drunk, Eliza is furious and forbids Diana and Anne from being friends. However, when Minnie May is deadly sick with croup and Anne saves her, Eliza is apologetic and allows the girls to be friends again.
Despite being stern, Eliza has a soft side to her. When Minnie May has an accident due to stress, Eliza is understanding and lightens her demeanor around her children. She is also remorseful when Mary Lacroix is dying of sepsis; because Eliza never took the chance to get to know her properly, due to her being a woman of colour. To celebrate Mary, Eliza and her husband William allow an Easter picnic to be held for her in their backyard.
Eliza has ebony hair that is pinned up into a bun, thin dark eyebrows, brown eyes, and a rose beige complexion. Her clothes are fashionable and elegant, reflecting her status as a noblewoman.


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