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Gilbert Blythe is one of the main characters of Anne. He is a resident of Avonlea and Anne's love interest. Gilbert is portrayed by Lucas Jade Zumann.

CBC Biography

Easy-going and confident, Gilbert Blythe is Anne’s academic rival and popular leader in school. He appreciates and admires Anne because of all the ways she’s different from everyone else. He is played by Lucas Jade Zumann. [1]

Appearance and Personality

Gilbert has black curly hair, hazel eyes and is average in height. He has a curious personality and cares deeply about his family and friends. He is not afraid to make a joke, sometimes to the annoyance of Anne or Bash.


Gilbert took care of the farm after his father fell ill. His family used to be larger, but his mother and brothers died, whereafter he and his father moved back to Avonlea. His father became ill and eventually passed, leaving him the last surviving member of his family.


Episode Appearances

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3


  • His mother died while giving birth to him, because he was a breech baby[2].
  • He has taken interest in becoming a doctor. Mr. Phillips refused to give him extra lessons, but Miss Stacy agreed to help him. He also asked a doctor in Charlottetown if he could serve as an apprentice for him in the future, and he agreed.
  • He fainted when he saw the needle that the doctor needed to inject Bash with.
  • When prompted by Miss Stacy to give two words that describe himself that go along with his initials, he said "global" and "bookish."


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