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I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me is the second episode of the first season of Anne, originally aired on CBC on March 26, 2017.

Plot synopsis

Hoping all is not lost, Matthew races to catch up with Anne while Marilla anxiously hopes and waits for their return to Green Gables.




  • Torquil Colbo as Sam
  • Michael Crawford as Sammy
  • Alden Adair as Shady Man
  • Rob Ramsay as Mr. Avery
  • Daniel Kash as Pawnbroker
  • Tyler Barish as Newsie
  • Helen Taylor as Wealthy Lady
  • Andrea Creighton as Maid
  • Leanne Miller as Scullery Maid
  • Zenna Davis-Jones as Young Woman
  • Matt Willis as Tradesman
  • Katelyn Wells as Mary Joe
  • Norman Owen as Man
  • Merle Newell as Woman
  • Brian Tree as Minister
  • David Ingram as Mr. Andrews
  • Janet Porter as Mrs. Andrews
  • Porter Schaefer as Little Boy


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