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Jane Andrews is a student at Avonlea School. Despite being sister to Billy Andrews and friend to Josie Pye, she befriended Anne Shirley Cuthbert through Diana Barry and Ruby Gillis. She's also Prissy Andrews's little sister.

Appearance and Personality

Jane is a sensible, kind girl. She never necessarily hurts anyone's feelings, and seems to befriend people quite easily. Jane is also quite prudish, she appears to bear more traditional views than her sister Prissy in regard to most societal affairs, most of all; women's affairs. When Prissy asks their father for her dowry, Jane pointed out what little harm the status-quo had brought upon society, remarking that it had given her a roof over her head, and nice clothes on her back; and that "we ladies didn't have to lift a finger."

Jane Andrews has medium-brown hair, as well as a mild-tanned skin tone. Her eyes are hazel, and her physique is tall and slim.


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