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Jerry Baynard is one of the main characters of Anne. He is portrayed by Aymeric Jett Montaz.

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Jerry is a young French Canadian farmhand. Because of his stoic, implacable, practical nature, he and Anne bicker constantly. He is played by Aymeric Jett Montaz. [1]

Appearance and Personality

Jerry has a dark hair and dark brown eyes. In the first season, he was shorter than Anne yet appeared to grow taller in the following seasons, towering her greatly. His practicality and sarcasm clashes with Anne's bold and imaginative personality which is a main reason why they start off on bad terms. He is also hardworking, playful, and unassuming about anything from anyone. When Anne and Jerry went to Josephine Barry's manse for the night, he thought he would sleep at the stables along with horses. He isn't afraid to speak his mind and openly flirts with Diana, peppering her with genuine compliments, which contrasts most boys in Anne's school who proclaims their admiration through the Notice Board. Jerry comes from a large, poor family and speaks with a French Canadian or Québécois French accent.

He has a habit of singing French songs first seen in The Better Feeling of My Heart while riding on a buggy to Charlottetown to sell the Cuthberts' things and a cattle. This annoys Anne as she says that "this is an important journey" but Jerry couldn't care less and continues to sing in glee. This also happens in I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion as they journey to Carmody to buy ingredients and run errands. This habit of his adapted from his family who enjoys singing and dancing after eating dinner which was depicted in A Hope of Meeting You in Another World when Diana stayed for supper.


During a talk with Anne Shirley, he reveals his house is so small that he and all his siblings have to lay on the bed facing opposite ways, to create enough room for all of them. He started to work at Green Gables to earn money for his family. In The True Seeing is Within, Jerry reveals to Nate that he's a Catholic.


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