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Ka'kwet is a young member of the Mi'kmaq people. She is portrayed by Kiawenti:io Tarbell.

Appearance and Personality

Ka'kwet wore her dark long hair in two braids, intertwined with hair ties in which colorful beads and small feathers were strung. After entering the residential school, her hair is cut off into a bob in order to resemble a pious, christian child.

Ka'kwet has a friendly and curious personality. She loves her family very much, but after being constantly drilled at residential school not to act like a "stupid Indian", she is seen struggling with her heritage.

Her favorite food is porcupine.


Ka'kwet spends the majority of season 3 in a residential school for the children of indigenous Canadians. She briefly manages to escape the institution but is captured and brought back.


Anne Shirley-Cuthbert

Ka'kwet meets Anne in A Secret Which I Desired To Desire. Her father is selling hockey sticks to the boys at an ice pool. When Anne sees the two Mi'kmaq people, she's curious and asks if she can do an article for the newspaper about them and their sticks. Ka'kwet gives her instructions on how to get to the village, and Anne says the instructions sound "like a poetic paradise." When Ka'kwet and her dad leave, it's clear Ka'kwet has taken a liking to Anne.

Later that day, Anne arrives at the village. Ka'kwet greets her, and Anne introduces her to Belle - the horse she rode there. Anne asks what Ka'kwet's name is, and Ka'kwet tells her. Anne say's she's just "plain old Anne." Then Ka'kwet tells her that if she could choose a name for Anne it would be Melkita'ulamun - strong and brave heart. Anne declares she loves the name and the two girls continue talking. Ka'kwet shows her around the village and Anne collects a lot of information about the Mi'kmaq people. Ka'kwet introduces Anne to her family, and Anne greets them happily. Ka'kwet compliments Anne's scarf, and Anne says she loves Ka'kwet's hair ties. They decide to trade, and Ka'kwet braids Anne's hair with the hair ties. While her hair is being braided, Anne asks Ka'kwet to teach her more of her language. By the time Anne leaves, she has made a new friend.

Later, when Ka'kwet is leaving for the religious school, Anne comes to see her off and gives her one of her old dresses, which Ka'kwet loves. Anne tries to visit Ka'kwet at the school, but is told she cannot see her yet.

When Ka'kwet's parents go to the Cuthbert's house to tell them what happened, Anne quickly decides to help them and convinces Mathew and Marilla to help. When Anne, Mathew, Aluk, and Oqwatnuk arrive at the school, they are threatened and told to leave. Ka'kwet's parents decide to camp out at the school to see if they can get their daughter back. Anne wants to too, but Mathew tells her they need to go home and can home back in a couple weeks to try again.

Though the two girls are never reunited, it's clear that Anne won't rest until she can save her friend.


Season 3


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