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Mr. Phillips was a teacher at the Avonlea school who had a secret relationship with Prissy Andrews. He is a recurring character in Anne and was portrayed by Stephen Tracey. After a brief engagement, he was left by Prissy at the altar and left town.

Appearance and Personality

Mr. Philips is a young man in his thirties with raven hair, black mustache and grim eyes. Very strict with his students, Mr. Phillips used to humiliate and inflict corporal punishment on students he considered unruly — namely, Anne Shirley Cuthbert and Cole Mackenzie. Outside of the school environment, but without moving too far, Mr. Phillips revealed to be a man full of contradictions and self-loathing behavior that prompted Cole to speculate with Anne that he was a repressed homosexual.

Engaged to one of his students, Prissy Andrews, after months of secret grooming, Mr. Phillips planned to settle down with a marriage and a new job, but his plan was marred when his asphyxiating and malevolent behavior led Prissy to abandon him at the altar. During the courtship, Mr. Phillips showed a softer side of his character but it is quite clear that it was a façade and that he did not feel real feelings of love towards the girl.

He was particularly intolerant with students who showed strong imagination and a desire to learn according to unorthodox methods. This is one of the reasons why Mr. Philips had a dislike for both Anne and Gilbert Blythe, a model student who undermined the teacher's authority with his ideas despite being one of the teacher's pupils.


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Mr. Phillips was especially cruel to Cole Mackenzie, because he couldn't punish himself for being gay.

Mr. Phillips was in a secret relationship with Prissy Andrews. He asked her to marry him and she said yes, but later left him at the altar, because he wanted her to skip going to college for the sake of his own social advancement. He went to Toronto after he was jilted.



  • Gilbert asked him for extra help after school so that he could achieve his dream of becoming a doctor, but Mr. Phillips shut him down, telling him that his time is more worthwhile than that.