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Ruby Gillis is a main character in "Anne." She's portrayed by actress Kyla Matthews.

Appearance and Personality

Ruby Gillis is fair-haired, with blue eyes and is seen as quite beautiful. She is sensitive, hysterical, and cries easily at times when she believes she has been cheated or hurt and can be quite inconsolable. When compared to other girls in Anne's class, Ruby Gillis is quite short.

Ruby's main interest (and investment) seems to be Gilbert Blythe, which leads to her becoming jealous towards Anne who is the one that has Gilbert's evident affections.

Although seemingly mean-spirited and hesitant towards Anne at the beginning of the first season, Ruby begins to like her after Anne's involvement in the saving of her house from a fire. The two characters are then shown to get along quite nicely and Ruby's true personality traits, that of sensitive kindness and naivety, are shown.

Although the depths of her intelligence are not shown in the first season, she often does not understand what Anne is saying when she uses "big words" and needs help to begin writing a story when she joins Anne's club. However, she is shown to be quite adept at cooking and eager to please, which is seen when she works with Anne and Diana to make Shepherd's Pie. Her best friend is Piper Madea (Mad-ee)


Season One

Ruby Gillis begins as a popular girl, from a high-class family and has many friends, but this friendship does not extend to Anne at the beginning as Anne is seen as an orphan and is therefore treated as someone who is unworthy of her affections.

Their relationship worsens as Gilbert takes an interest in Anne, an interest that Anne herself is seemingly oblivious to. Ruby then begins to view Anne as a competitor for the attentions of Gilbert, despite Anne having minimal interest towards him. This brings Ruby to tears and leads to her being escorted away by her friends, who also tell Anne to stay away from Gilbert as Ruby is said to have liked him for three years.

Ruby also shares a seemingly good relationship with Diana, sitting with her when Anne is away and walking home with her. When Anne does not come to school, Ruby tags along with Diana as she goes to Green Gables to return Anne's books to her. While Diana shows concern over Anne's nonattendance, Ruby is quick to point out that it was mainly Diana who was worried, asking to sit with Diana on the following day. This shows that despite her good relationship with Diana, Ruby still dislikes Anne and will probably continue to do so.

The next major instance that Ruby Gillis is involved in is when a large house fire engulfs her abode, forcing her to be taken out of her house. With Anne's help, the blaze is tamed and slowed down, causing the repairs on the house to be minimal and the Gillis' to be in debt to Anne. The Cuthberts then offer to take Ruby under their wing for the week, to which Ruby reacts with horror and begins to cry. After Diana encourages Ruby to ponder what she really thinks of Anne, she is escorted by Marilla to Green Gables.

At first, Ruby is unhappy and complains about her conditions and the condition of her dresses, but is soon consoled by Anne who tells her that she could borrow one of hers. Anne urges Ruby to think of all the things she could look forward to and to become excited by the future, even telling her about the infamous Cordelia. The two girls then decide to make some food for the boys who are fixing the Gillis' house in the morning and then go to sleep.

The next morning, Anne and Ruby set off to the work site where both Gilbert Blythe and Billy Andrews are both working in order to deliver the food. Billy sees the girls and makes some cunning remarks about how they should have stayed in the kitchen, when, much to his amusement, Ruby falls onto the ground. Billy then begins to laugh at her whilst Gilbert tries to stop him and Anne tells him that he is a "bully" and asks to do the job herself, defending Ruby who is still crying on the floor. Gilbert offers Ruby her hat and helps her stand up, causing her to remark on his chivalry to Anne, to which Anne promptly replies that she is "not a Gilbert Blythe fan", breaking the tension between the two girls and allowing them to become friends.

Ruby is then shown to get along with Anne, joining her writing club, along with Diana and remarking that she was going to miss Anne once school starts. Ruby joins Diana to embrace Anne when she does eventually come back to school and the three often sit with each other during breaks at school and also interact outside of school, which is seen when she, Anne and Diana bake a pie for Gilbert together after his father's death.


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