Sebastian "Bash" Lacroix is a former trimmer who befriends Gilbert Blythe and soon came to Avonlea to start a new life together at the farm. He is a main character in Anne portrayed by Dalmar Abuzeid.

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Appearance and Personality

He has dark skin and short curly black hair, as well as a full beard that is also comprised of curly black hair. He is of average male height and is often smiling, showing a full set of straight white teeth. Due to his time conducting physically straining labour on a steamboat, he has rather muscular arms, as observed in a scene where he was talking to Gilbert on the ship.

He is a generally joyful person full of resilience and easygoingness, as seen by how often he is smiling, even when working tirelessly on the steamship and despite Anne making uncomfortable remarks about her fascination of people that share his same skin tone. He is rather cheeky as well, teasing Gilbert relentlessly about Anne and joking around at times. Additionally, he is sincere, and a loyal friend, especially to Gilbert.


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Sebastian was born in Trinidad to a woman who worked for a wealthy white family and raised all of their children. He left home during his teenage years and worked on a steamboat as a trimmer for over a decade.

He met Gilbert on a steamship and they became friends. He often teases Gilbert about his relationship with Anne. After a bit of relationship issues, with Gilbert going back on their original plan, Gilbert apologizes for his actions and asks for Bash to sign the deed to his farm, promising to go back to the original plan.

He is desperate to visit the Bog, where he heard that there are other Black people. In the Bog, he meets Mary, and immediately takes a liking to her. They later marry.


Episode Appearances

Season 2
Season 3


  • Sebastian is an original character and one of the first black characters ever in any “Anne of Green Gables” adaptation.
“I’ve had a master plan since I embarked upon this adaptation, because I’ve always been super uncomfortable with the fact that this is a very, very white world, and it doesn’t reflect the reality of Canada’s diversity then and now,” said Walley-Beckett. “I knew that I wanted to send Gilbert on an epic journey [...] to some sort of exotic port of call where he could see a much more colorful world and a fresh and bigger perspective of the world. [...] I want him to have a friend, I want the friend to be a person of color, and I want them to travel together, and ultimately I want this friend to return to Avonlea. And so we conceived of Bash from Trinidad.” [1]
  • According to Moira Walley-Beckett, "Bash is the vehicle to explore intolerance and inequality, even more when he goes to The Bog, when he learns that other black people live there." [1]
“The Bog is the community that’s just outside of Charlottetown, where people of color were marginalized and had their own community there,” said Walley-Beckett. “That was a thrilling and devastating discovery. I’m Canadian, and I didn’t know about that, so we were very excited to bring that to everybody’s attention, and incorporate it seamlessly into the themes that we were exploring this season.” [1]


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