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Tillie Boulter is one of the students at Avonlea School and friendly classmate to Anne Shirley Cuthbert, Diana Barry, Ruby Gillis and Jane Andrews. She's a minor character in Anne and she's portrayed by Glenna Walters.

Appearance and Personality

Tillie is a cheeky, yet a considerate young girl who doesn’t leave anyone ignored. She had a considerably close relationship with Josie Pye, however once Anne Cuthbert arrived in Avonlea; Josie’s true colours began to show, prompting Tillie to join the other girls and befriend Anne.

Tillie is also quite the catch in her class, two of her male classmates had made an informal declaration via the pinboard at school; saying that they were “interested” in her. Tillie is sometimes seen in Season 3 with both boys at her side, casually vying for her heart, which she enjoys.

She has a tall, plump figure with brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes.


The exact birthdate of Tillie is unknown, however since she started college with her friends from Avonlea; we can infer that she is roughly the same age.

She hasn't made much appearances in the episodes of Anne With An "E", so there isn't much to know about her.


Episode Appearances

Season 1
Season 2


She was an ally of Anne's fight for justice when the Town Hall were putting censorship on their newspaper after Anne's article about women's rights. She is seen to be an ally of womens rights and participated in Anne's march to Town Hall and their message in Season 3, Episode 7.